Self-Service Kits

Self-Service Kits

Are you looking to carry out repairs to your industrial truck quickly, independently, and cost-effectively? SELF- SERVICE PACKAGES are the optimal repair aid – they contain all the relevant original

spare parts and illustrated instructions including a list of the required tools and protective equipment. This is how you can carry out your repair easily and independently. Note the following steps:

a. Order Process

You can order the Self-Service packages on our webhsop (or by telephone from your personal contact). Please check the exact truck model before ordering. You will find model details on a plate/sticker fixed on the truck or in your operating manual. Check whether all required spare parts are included in the package.

b. Start with the Manual

Please check the Self-Service manual truck to familiarize with the necessary steps. Have the specified tools and your personal protective equipment ready before you begin with Self-Servicing/repairs of the truck.

c. Service/ Repair Truck 

Please ensure that the truck is placed on a flat ground for the repair. Follow the steps from the manual step by step

d. Establish Operational Readiness

To conclude the service/repair, execute the prescribed tests outlined in the Self-Service manual.

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