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Pallet trucks, also known as pallet jacks, pump trucks and pallet pumps, are the cornerstone of warehouses, storage depots, and factories around the world. Simple to operate and built for continuous daily use, they are as versatile as they are practical, helping workers easily move pallets and other heavy goods. Ideal for covering short distances or for use in buildings with limited space, each of the pallet trucks at Jungheinrich Online Shop is manufactured to the highest standards, with manoeuvrability and powerful lifting optimised for a broad range of applications.

Different Types of Trucks

Pallet trucks come in different sizes and shapes, and all have distinguishing features. The simplest version is the hand pallet truck. When choosing the right one, your first and main consideration is to find out how heavy the load is that you’ll need to move. This will dictate what capacity pallet jack you need. The next step is to select the fork dimensions required.

An electric pallet truck is ideal for moving palleted items over medium to long distances on even surfaces, or for reducing the strain on employees using manual pallet trucks regularly throughout the day. Selecting the right electric pump truck is very much dependent on the weight of the load you are moving and how frequently and far you are driving it. Be sure to choose a pallet jack with a load capacity to suit the maximum weight you need to move.

In the food industry or any environment where hygiene is of great importance a Stainless Steel pallet truck is the right choice. This type is equally popular in applications with high levels of corrosion - for example in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (Contact us for more details).

A scissor lift pallet truck can be used as a hand pallet lifter, lift table and workbench - making it a versatile addition to your warehouse or workshop. A manual-hydraulic scissor lift pump truck will often include a quick lift feature to aid initial lift with reduced pump strokes, whereas an electro-hydraulic model can lift pallets to your desired height at the touch of a button.

If you want to move and weigh your goods with a single device a pallet truck with weighing scale will help you out. It can be useful for incoming goods control, determining shipping weights and avoiding truck overloads. (Contact us for more details).

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