Our Self-Service kits bring together all neccessary spare parts, simple instructions and a list of the required tools and personal protection equipment to allow you to simply and safely replace the drive wheel on your PTE 1.5 on your own - saving you both time & money!

Included in this Self-Service kit:

1x drive wheel

8x screw

1x seal ring

1x repair manual

Why not invest in the whole range of Self-Service kits for your PTE 1.5? - ensuring you will have all you need to instantly carry out any of these common repairs, minimising your downtime and getting your truck back up and running in no time!

Self-Service Drive Wheel Kit / PTE 1.5

All you need to carry out this DIY repair on your PTE 1.5

  • Original quality
  • Package price benefit
  • All necessary parts required
  • Simple instructions

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Status: Back order

Delivery: Delivered within 2-3 weeks

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