'Self-service packages for Jungheinrich industrial trucks.

Have you ever experienced failing brakes, locking wheels or a tiller button that is no longer operational? Minor failures can often occur unexpectedly in day-to-day logistics. In order to avoid long periods of downtime, you need help quickly! Thanks to our self-service packages, you can now carry out minor repairs to your fork lift trucks quickly and easily without outside help. Repairs are carried out independently and professionally in less time than ever before!

Take control of your intralogistics.

Sometimes it would only take a few minutes to repair a fork truck yourself. In these situations, we can provide you with everything you need to get a broken-down truck up and running again in the shortest possible time. This includes original spare parts, easily understandable instructions and a list of any tools or protective equipment that are also required.

Included in this Self-Service kit:

1x twist grip (left/right)

2x washer

2x screw

2x bushes

1x repair manual

Order the practical repair package for your Jungheinrich industrial trucks online now.

Self-Service Kit for AME 15 - change of twist grips

All you need to carry out this DIY repair on your AME 15

  • Cost-effective package
  • Genuine Jungheinrich quality
  • Detailed, illustrated repair instructions
  • Rapid restoration of the truck to operational readiness

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Status: In stock

Delivery: Delivered within 5-7 days

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