Our annual maintenance kits are specially crafted to address the natural deterioration that forklifts undergo over time. These kits offer a holistic solution with a multitude of advantages for your maintenance regimen - saving you both time & money!

 This Annual Maintenance kit contains:

1x Filter

1x Aeration Filter

1x Hollow Spring pin

1x Damping Element

7x Bush

3x Fuse

1x Grease (400g)

1x Hexagon head screw

By using our annual maintenance kits, you can significantly prolong the operational life of your forklifts, ensuring they continue to perform efficiently for more years. This proactive approach enhances the dependability of your forklifts, minimizes downtime and also diminishes the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns.

Annual Maintenance Kit For EJR 120n

Avail it today, to counteract the natural wear and tear of your truck

  • Superior Quality OEM parts
  • Increased vehicle uptime
  • Additional discount with service kits

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Status: In stock

Delivery: Delivered within 10-15 days

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