The Ameise® PTE 1.3 electric pallet truck is highly versatile and a true all-round talent. Fully electric moving, lifting and lowering of loads weighing up to 1,300 kg makes light work of daily pallet handling and boosts your productivity. Your employees will appreciate the benefits of this ergonomic and efficient alternative to a traditional hand pallet truck. With its slim design and short headlength, the electric pallet truck is both light and agile, and it can be easily transported on an HGV. The crawl speed button, curveCONTROL and PIN code access are just some of the innovative functions offered by this electric pallet truck. You also benefit from the many advantages of lithium-ion technology.

  • Fully electric travel and lift function
  • Light, short and agile, ideal for HGV transport
  • PIN code access, curveCONTROL, integrated diagnostic system
  • Maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
  • Quick and simple battery replacement
  • Optional replacement batteries available

The Ameise® electric pallet truck with lithium-ion technology makes your traditional hand pallet truck look positively antiquated

The benefits of fully electric pallet handling are obvious: you save time and effort, while also boosting your productivity. The Ameise® PTE 1.3 electric pallet truck is a highly flexible all-round talent that enables fully electric transport, lifting and lowering of loads weighing up to 1,300 kg. Your employees will be delighted with this effortless alternative to manual hand pallet trucks. The fully electric travel, lift and lowering function creates optimum working conditions, making light work of daily pallet handling involving even the heaviest of loads. This ensures better ergonomics and lasting relief at the workplace – something for which your employees will be eternally grateful!

The compact design, very short headlength, small turning radius and low weight will prove invaluable in confined spaces and weight-sensitive areas. The Ameise® electric pallet truck is the perfect device for transporting on HGVs, and performs admirably when loading, unloading and delivering goods right to the door. It is also ideal for use in warehouses and stores. The crawl speed button enables safe and convenient operation of the pallet truck even when the tiller is raised – be it on trucks or in lifts.

All travel and lift functions are controlled via the multifunction tiller handle. Control instruments such as the battery charge indicator, hour meter, crawl speed symbol and the integrated diagnostic system are clearly arranged on the LCD display, thereby keeping you fully up-to-date on the truck status at all times. PIN code access provides reliable protection against unauthorised use. The problem of misplaced or lost keys is now a thing of the past.

The electric pallet truck boasts robust and durable Ameise® quality. The sturdy steel housing protects the drive unit while also offering protection against foot injuries. The reinforced fork frame retains its shape even under the heaviest loads. All components are maintenance-free and require no lubrication. The electromagnetic brake with energy recovery increases the performance and service life of the brake system and automatically charges the battery. The electronics feature IP65 protection, meaning that the electric pallet truck is also suitable for outdoor use.

A safe and pleasant driving experience is ensured by the curveCONTROL function, which automatically reduces the travel speed in corners. Rounded fork tips and entry rollers make insertion and retraction from the pallet particularly easy. Polyurethane tandem rollers ensure comfortable, low-noise travel as well as smooth running over thresholds and uneven floors. The permanent fork marking at 800 mm guarantees maximum safety when lifting Euro pallets from the side.

The maintenance-free 24 V lithium-ion battery is characterised by its impressive performance, quick charging times and long service life. The battery can be replaced in a matter of seconds, without using tools or disconnecting any cables. The external battery charger (included) enables rapid intermediate charging of the pallet truck and ensures maximum availability. Flexibility is further enhanced by an optional replacement battery, which can be charged via the external charger while the pallet truck remains in use.

The Ameise® PTE 1.3 electric pallet truck with lithium-ion battery and 1,300 kg capacity is part of the new generation of fully electric pallet trucks. Experience the benefits for yourself by purchasing the versatile pallet truck with innovative lithium-ion technology from our shop. Country of Origin - China

Fork Length
1150 mm
Basic capacity
1300 Kg
Load wheel
Polyurethane Single wheels
Overall Width
540 mm

PTE 1.3 Electric Pallet truck Li-Ion

1.3 T Electric Pallet truck - Li-Ion

  • Fully electric travel and lift functions
  • Maintenance-free 48V lithium-ion battery
  • 1150 fork length, 1300 kgs capacity


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