Jungheinrich Manual Stackers
Manual Stackers

Practical all-rounder for occasional works

Manual stackers are suitable for lifting and transporting goods in low volume operations.

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The electric hand stacker impresses with its safe and easy operation. During transport, you simply pull the load via the long tiller.

The ergonomic guide handles ensure effortless pushing and manoeuvring when stacking and retrieving. The foot protection on the steering castors provides additional protection. The mechanical, foot-operated parking brake allows you to park the stacker securely at any time. The electro-hydraulic lift control and easy accessibility of the lift and lower buttons ensure precise fork positioning.

All controls and displays are clearly arranged for maximum usability. The transparent Plexiglas panel within the steel frame offers protection against falling objects, prevents accidental reaching through the mast and ensures a clear view in travel direction at all times.

The maintenance-free lead-gel battery eliminates the need for time-consuming water replenishment. The battery discharge indicator permanently shows the current battery condition. The high-frequency on-board charger with charge status indicator enables convenient charging at any 230 V socket.