A brand that stands for success. For your success.

Jungheinrich is a strong brand built on the solid foundation of familiy values. It attributes utmost importance to long-term, dependable customer relations. As a family company, sustainability runs in our blood. Our success is huge – thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive of our exceptional employees. When you think of Jungheinrich, you think of reliable products, sophisticated solutions and innovations with real added value. This strength of the Jungheinrich brand is the secure basis for sustainable success. 

Jungheinrich is a family business founded by Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich in Hamburg in 1953. It has developed into one of the largest suppliers of material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow technology worldwide. From a small family owned company, Today Jungheinrich is among the world’s leading intralogistics companies.

Our portfolio not only includes forklift trucks for all sectors and applications, which we supply as new, rental or used trucks, but also comprises of services such as the planning, development and implementation of complex storage systems and automation solutions. To ensure that our customers can trust in Jungheinrich solutions in the long term, we primarily use in-house developments. The high level of customer satisfaction that we experience is based on our first-class products and services.

Jungheinrich India

Founded in 2012, Jungheinrich India is a subsidiary of Jungheinrich AG., incorporated to serve the customers from India market. With a comprehensive portfolio of Material Handling Equipment, Logistics Systems and Services. We ensure that our customers benefit from the most cost-eff­ective products, systems and services for their requirements, irrespective of their industry or business size. Jungheinrich provides a complete range of sophisticated, cutting-edge products comprising a variety of Pallet Trucks, Forklift Trucks, Order Pickers, Reach Trucks, Tow Tractors etc. With a choice of options, we can always find the perfect way to remove the intralogistics barriers you face.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Jungheinrich India operates through its sales and service office in Mumbai, Chennai and Gurgaon with sales and service personnel present all over the country. Our State-Of-Art warehouse and workshop center is located in Bhiwandi near Mumbai. We also have warehouses located in Bangalore and Gurgaon ensuring availability of our equipment and spare parts all over the country.

“Ameise” - The traditional brand (logo)

“Ameise” has been existing as a brand since 1949. “Ameise” trucks are contemporary witnesses of the German economic miracle and of the early growth of the Jungheinrich business. This led to “Ameise” becoming the generic term for hand pallet trucks in the German-speaking countries, a term that is still used today.

“Ameise” focused on the customer’s demands and hence wrote history. For simple warehousing products, the “Ameise” brand is already selling very well today, the “Ameise” helps smaller businesses and founders around the world to get started by offering affordable forklift trucks that are of certified Jungheinrich quality. It helps those customers and markets that are only just starting out and beginning to grow to write their own story of success. We offer the product brand series “Ameise” to exactly these customers. Thus, from the start, we develop long-lasting customer relationships and are able to follow up on the customers’ development.

“Ameise” (the German name for “Ant”) carries heavy loads but is undemanding, the perfect symbol of diligence. The name “Ameise” has become a household term and is used across brands as a synonym for pallet as well as stacker trucks. Forklift trucks transport horizontally and, via forklift, also vertically. Designed in the early 1950s, The “Ameise” logo takes that into account: its four edges point into four different directions. For decades, the catchy trademark logo has been firmly established in the customers’ minds. In these business everyone knows when you ask for the “Ameise” it means; “get the ant”